Complacency is a constant enemy for any believer. It is so easy to slip into a rut and stop growing and advancing in our relationship with the Lord. The Lord will not allow this to happen without a fight. He will jerk us out of complacency, and He knows just how to do it. Job found that out.(Job 16:12)

Let me share a very important spiritual principle. We are either growing closer to the Lord, or we are getting farther away, but no one can ever stay where they are in that relationship. That is why complacency is our enemy. Complacency causes us to start slipping away from the Lord. We can’t live on past victories. We can’t bank on tomorrow’s growth. We must live each day striving to keep our eyes on Jesus and growing to be more like Him. We can’t take breaks, or we will fall back.

Most people would like to be “at ease.” They think that is the goal of life. That is not true spiritually. If you are at ease, you are in danger of falling into Satan’s traps. You are going to stop trusting the Lord for everything. Soon you will be far from Him. Therefore, when God senses complacency, He grabs His children by the neck and shakes us. He sets us up as the target for His attack, so that He can strike us, and we will wake up to Him and His will. It is the only loving thing for Him to do. The good thing is that you can count on it. If you think your problems are all caused by Satan, you are wrong. It could be that you are complacent, and God is attacking you like He did Job.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Job 19-21.