Creating Something from Nothing

People who do not believe in God don’t like to talk about the real origin of the universe. They only talk about evolution and the big bang. Instead, let’s get back to the very beginning. What was there to go bang? Where did matter come from? Is it really intelligent to believe that matter is eternal? If that is the case, then matter is god, so we all ought to be pantheists. However, even Job knew the truth about origins 2,000 years or more before Christ. God created the earth out of nothing, and He hung it on nothing.(Job 26:7) That is what the Eternal, All-Powerful God can do, and it is what He did to form the universe.

For a person to truly believe in God, he has to believe God is eternal. There is no one or no thing greater than God. If anything created God, that thing would be God, so God had no beginning, and He has no end. Then, when there was nothing except God, He decided to create the universe out of nothing, just like it says in Genesis 1-2. Only God can do that, and since He can do that, He is Lord of all. Jesus is God. He is eternal. He is the God of creation.(John 1:3) When a person “believes in” Jesus or “trusts” Jesus, he can only do that by confessing Him as Lord, because that is who He is. Then, we submit to Him, who created all out of nothing, who hung the earth on nothing, and who created humans from the dust of the earth, giving us a spirit and a soul.

The fact that Jesus became a God/Man to live a sinless life on earth and to die for our sins is secondary to His Lordship. He was Lord way before He became the Savior. We can’t trust Him as Savior and ignore that He is Lord. That is why creation is so important. It shows He is Lord of all.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Job 28-30.