Jesus Christ is Lord!

This one reality is the key to having salvation from sins and eternal life.

Have you come to know that Jesus Christ is Lord of the entire universe just as the Bible says? (Matthew 28:18; Philippians 2:9-11)

The word Lord means that He is “in charge” of everything, and He has “all authority.”

Have you put your faith in Him as Lord of all and asked Him to be Lord of your life just like the Bible says we must do to be saved? (Romans 10:9, 10) Jesus Christ will give you eternal life as a free gift once you trust Him as Lord.  (Romans6:23; Ephesians 2:8, 9)

We know these things to be true, because God’s Word, the Bible, is clear. We know the Bible is true because:

— Not one prediction or prophecy in the Bible has ever failed to come true.
— Archeologists and Scientists have confirmed the facts and history of the Bible.

— The Bible does not contradict itself, even though the 66 books were written over 1,500 years by 40 different people.

People, who do not accept these facts about the Bible, do not want to accept that Jesus is Lord. If you will read the Bible you will find that:

  • — God is All-Powerful and holy – completely perfect.(Genesis 17:1; Leviticus 19:2)
  • — God created everything that exists.(Genesis 1:1)
  • — Jesus Christ is God, who became the God/Man, and lived on earth.(John 1:1-3; 14; Colossians 1:16)
  • — Our sins separate us from holy God.(Isaiah 59:1,2)
  • — Jesus Christ came to die in our place and to take the punishment for our sins.                   (I John 4:9,10)
  • — If we turn from our sins, confess Him as Lord of our lives, and surrender to Him in faith, He forgives our sins, gives us eternal life, and we become disciples of Jesus Christ. (Acts 3:19; Romans 10:9, 10)
  • — If we don’t confess Him as Lord, we suffer separation from God for eternity in Hell.(John 14:6; Revelation 20:14,15)


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