My Redeemer Lives!

One of the greatest faith declarations in the Bible is found in Job 19:25,26. Job confidently confesses that his Redeemer lives and one day he would see Him. I am not sure how the Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Job, but it is evident that He did. He reveals Himself to all of us. The difference comes in our response. Job responded in faith, so he received certain assurance of his Redeemer and his future. The same can be true for anyone anywhere.

Jesus is not a far away God who is detached from His children. When we say we have a personal relationship with Him, we mean it. He is very real and very personal. If that is not the reality in your life, you do not know the Redeemer. There is only One, and He wants us all to know that we are saved, we have eternal life, and we will see Him face to face. That reality changes us from frightened souls to confident children waiting to see Him like Job was.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Job 22-24.