Resistance is Futile

God is wise and mighty. It is impossible for any of us to fight against Him and win. Job realized this when he was weighing his options.(Job 9:4) He was in between a rock and a hard place, because God had allowed these trials to come upon him. However, fighting God was not an option for Job. It shouldn’t be an option for us either.

When we think of fighting against God, I believe most of us think about taking drastic measures to rebel against Him. We think of declaring ourselves to be atheists and starting an organization to eliminate any type of Christianity from society. Yes, that is fighting against God, but it is not the only way to harden ourselves against what He is saying to us. Actually, we resist God mostly by ignoring Him. We tell Him that we don’t have time to do His will, because we are too busy. That is still fighting against God. Resistance if futile, no matter what form it takes.

How many have told God, “I am too busy to go to church this Sunday?” Maybe it was, “I am too busy to pray or read my Bible.” Perhaps, we said, “I can’t take time to teach my children about Jesus at home, because I am busy.” All of these things are hardening ourselves against the Lord and fighting what He tells us to do. Of course, these are just some of the main ones. There is the whole “making disciples” command, which most people ignore, as well.

How is resisting God working for you? Why not end the resistance, and turn your heart over to Him and His way completely? It is the only way to prosper in this life.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Job 11-14.