Wisdom and Understanding

Job responded to his friends by giving a long talk on what was really important, getting wisdom and understanding. He gave a very clear and concise description.(Job 28:28) We all need to hear and apply what Job told them.

Wisdom is the fear of the Lord. This is because wisdom is seeing everything from God’s perspective. Therefore, if we respect God’s power and holy nature so much that we fear what He can and will do to us, if we fail to follow Him, we are directed to see things His way. Wisdom is not knowing facts. Anyone can learn facts. Wisdom is seeing how they fit together. It is seeing the big picture and the details, so that we can know how God designed things to work, whether it is relationships or science. Reading His Word and allowing His Spirit to direct us fully are essentials in gaining wisdom.

Understanding is departing from evil. If you want to do the right thing every time, find out what is wrong, and go the other way. If we do not have this plan of attack, we will try to justify doing the wrong thing in some way. If we just try to see what is the best way, but we do not consider the evil way, we may have skewed vision, so we can’t really see the best way. God’s way is always the total opposite of sin and evil. When we really have understanding, we will stay as far from evil as possible, and we will guard against every form of evil Satan will through at us by tempting us by the flesh and the world.

It is not rocket science. It is seeing God’s way and staying away from the wrong way. It is up to us. The more we do it, the easier it gets, and the more we see the benefits.

Tomorrow, I intend to read Job 31-33.